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At Floriana Floral the protection of your personal information is of upmost importance to us. Whether you are shopping with us in person or online we do the best within our capabilities to make each and every experience safe, private and secure. In keeping with our goal, we have developed the following privacy policy to explain our practices for the collection and use of your personal information.

This policy applies to our brick and mortar location(s), our website(s), and all other channels in which Floriana Floral collects and uses your personal information. All references to "website(s)" in this policy refer to and/or other Floriana Floral provided websites.


There are two types of information that Floriana Floral collects from its customers. The first type is personal information and the second type is non-personal. The information that we collect is contingent on the nature of your dealings with us. A further description of the information that we collect is as follows:

Personal information

Personal information can be collected in several ways. It can be recorded by a filling out a form, oral conversation and/or video surveillance. It is information about an identifiable individual or information that can identify an individual; alone or in a combination with other information. Personal information that we may collect include:

Non-personal information

Non-personal information can be collected in several ways. It can be recorded by a filling out a form, oral conversation and/or video surveillance. It is information that does not identify you as an individual or information that cannot identify an individual. Non-personal information that we may collect include:

Business information

Business information is generally non-personal information. However, an individual’s personal information may be linked to information pertaining to a business, for example information about the business’ owner.

Some business information which is deemed personal information includes:

Some business information which is deemed non-personal information includes:

We remind you that you are not obliged to provide us with your personal information. In the even that you choose not to provide us such information we may or may not be able to provide you with the product, service and/or information that you request from us


When and if required, the personal, non-personal and business information that you provide Floriana Floral with will used for various business purposes. Examples of such purposes include but are not limited to:


Unless it is required or permitted by law, Floriana Floral will only collect, use and/or disclose your personal information with your knowledge and consent. When you choose to provide us with your information you are consenting to its use as it has been described in this privacy policy, our terms and conditions and in the way it is described at the point when it is collected.

Expressed Consent

Implied Consent

Withdrawing Your Consent


Below are some examples of the information we collect and what we do with what has been gathered.

In-Store Purchases

When you purchase one of Floriana Floral’s products and/or services, you may need to provide us with contact information, payment information and if so required a credit application so that we can process and/or complete your transaction (s). This information is essential when delivering merchandise that has been ordered and/or pre-ordered.

Online Purchases

When you purchase products and/or from our webstore you may be required to provide us with contact information and payment information. We use this information to create and maintain your account and to contact you for reasons such as; your order(s), respond to your inquiries and monitor functions of our Website(s). This information is also essential as our payments may or may not be applied manually at one of our brick and mortar locations, your card will only be charged when it is shipped or picked up.

Returns and Exchanges

Our goal at Floriana Floral is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We attain this by going out of our way to provide our customers with superior quality and superior service. To this end, Floriana Floral does offer a Return Policy, details of which may be found on our Terms and Conditions’ page. Part of our return policy includes attaining information about the issue and our customers. We ask for information such as your name, address, telephone number and what the issue is. In some instances we may need to verify payment information to fully reimburse your purchase(s).

Sign-Up for Newsletters or Updates

Floriana Floral its web users newsletters and promotional communications, they may also be signed up to in person at one of our locations. If you would like to signup and join our mailing list you will be asked to provide us your contact information. You may at any time unsubscribe from such services by formal request. Please rest assured, our subscription list will never be sold or rented to a third party.

Calling In

Floriana Floral offers its customers a support line to address any inquiries they may have. By calling us you will be able to have your questions, concerns and complaints addressed and taken care of. When contacting us by phone, we may ask for personal information to help us respond to your inquiry and/or to verify your identity. We may also monitor and/or record your telephone conversation for training and service quality control purposes.


In some cases, we automatically and continuously collect different kind of information.

Our Website(s)

When registering or using out website(s)., we may collect the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time you access our website(s), the sections of the website(s) you visit, the website(s) pages read and images viewed and the content you download from the website(s). This information is used for website(s) and system administration purposes and to improve your experience with our website(s).


Our website(s) use "cookies", where the website itself installs a small amount of information on the user’s computer and or mac which permits the website to recognize future visits from that computer. Cookies make using our website more convenient for our registered users. An example of how cookies work is that the information that is relayed to the website from your computer permits things such as language preferences, shopping cart items and wishlist items to remain on our website users’ computers. In some cases your browser may prompt you to accept or decline cookies from our website(s). Declining cookies from our website(s) may or may not affect your use of our website(s), as such we recommend you accept cookies to ensure the best experience on our website(s).


Video Surveillance

Floriana Floral’s brick and mortar locations are under uninterrupted video surveillance for safety and loss prevention purposes. Our facilities are heavily covered by video surveillance. The recorded images of our customers are viewed only when required, for traffic flow analysis and when suspicions arise.


From time to time we may update information that we have on file for our customers. This may be done by new/additional information our customers provide us with directly or information from other sources. This is done in order for us to provide our customers with the best service possible and for any legal requirements if the situation arises.


Floriana Floral does not sell or rent its customers' personal information to anyone. However, in the normal course of business we may share some of our clients personal information within our corporate family, if required to by law or if a formal request has been presented to us by our customers’ themselves.

Information gathered on our website(s) which is being shared with our brick in mortar location and the entire corporate family will remain in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In the event of a sale or transfer of all of part of Floriana Floral and/or its assets, any information that we have about you may be transferred of disclosed to a purchaser or prospective purchaser. We will use reasonable efforts to try to ensure that the transferee uses your information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy

Legal Disclosure

Floriana Floral may disclose your information as permitted or required by law. Examples of cases where information may be shared include but are not limited to the required release of information to a court of law or to an investigation of unlawful activities


Ensuring the security of your personal information is a high priority at Floriana Floral.

SSL Technology

Our website(s) use Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") encryption technology to protect your personal information. How SSL works it that it encrypts information such as your name, address, and credit card number so that it can safely and securely be transmitted to our processing departments.


Upon creating an online account via our website(s), you will be required to choose a personal password. To maximize its effectiveness and security we recommend your password should be at least 8 characters long and comprised of letters, numbers and symbols. It is the users’ responsibility to maintain the secrecy of their password and account information. Floriana Floral will never send you unsolicited communications asking you for your password


You may verify and make changes to your online account information by simply logging-in to your “My Account” page. You may also come to one of our locations and make the changes on the spot.


We only keep your information as long as it is needed for our business purposes as well as any legal purposes. When theses parameters are no longer valid we destroy your information or we render your personally identifiable information anonymous.


If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about our privacy practices or our privacy policy please contact us at the following:

E-mail:                  Click here

Telephone:           1-514-345-0998

Mail:                     Floriana Floral - Privacy Manager

                            1491 rue Bégin

                            Saint-Laurent, QC

                            H4R 1V8

We will respond to your request or investigate your concern as quickly as we can.

Please remember that e-mail’s are not secure and are not encrypted. We strongly recommend that you do not send sensitive information to us by means of unencrypted e-mail. Floriana Floral is not responsible for any transmission by you of any sensitive information sent to us over by unencrypted methods.


This Privacy Policy may chance over time without notice to you. We may add, change or remove parts of this Privacy Policy as required. We therefore suggest you review our Privacy Policy periodically each time your submit information to us or agree to terms bound by the Privacy Policy.